Say hello to Utopi.

You're one step closer to creating a living space that's better for you and the planet.


What is Utopi?

We're on a mission to create happier, healthier and more sustainable multi-tenant residential spaces just like yours.

Our smart devices enable you to get insights from real-time wellbeing and energy consumption data, then take action to improve your living environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

Benefits for you:

  • Makes understanding your home's energy performance easier than ever
  • Enables you and your neighbours to play your part in helping the planet
  • Suggests ways of making your home more comfortable and sustainable
  • No set up needed - just download the app and it's all there for you to see

How does it work?

Our clever devices collect and report on a wealth of real-time data. They don't just monitor energy consumption, but also things that affect your wellbeing such as light, noise, air quality, temperature, humidity and occupancy.

We then interpret this data and turn it into accessible, easy-to-read dashboards inside our handy resident app. Here, you'll find lots of insight into the factors influencing your wellbeing and energy usage and how you can improve them.

In the app, you can see how your apartment compares to others around you and earn rewards for having the biggest impact on reducing your carbon footprint. Game on.

In time, you'll even be able to see how your building stacks up to other Utopi communities around the UK.

Residents app

But why does it matter?

Time is running out for the planet and we're all in this together. The actions you take from Utopi's unique energy insights will directly contribute to the decarbonisation of your building and reduce our carbon output overall. Let's work together to create more sustainable living spaces - one community at a time. Because the world needs us.

Where's the data stored?

Data can be a bit of a scary word, especially when people aren't sure how it's being used or stored. But rest assured, all the data is completely anonymous and securely stored to the highest industry standards.

For Privacy Policy please contact your building operator.


Are you ready to measure your impact and take action?